World Stock Markets Today: Mixed, Regional Trend

24 November 2020 (8:33 am IST)

23 November 2020 (10:02 pm EST)

World stock markets are showing a mixed, regional trend today.

US stock markets had rallied  in their overnight session and US stock futures are again trading with  high gains in the Asia session. US stock markets will have Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and trade for half a day on Friday. Now that the political worries are over for these markets, we can expect an early Santa rally for US stocks.

However, Asia is showing mixed numbers in this session. Nikkei (Japan) is 2.62% high but the Shanghai index is negative. Other Asian stock markets are positive. SGX Nifty is flat, in spite of a rally in US stock futures, showing resistance for this futures index of India’s Nifty. IT shows that Indian stock markets will continue their range bound trend.

How To Day Trade:

  1. We can spot all three types of trends in world stock markets today; up, down, and range bound.
  2. Day traders will have to follow their local trend and trade accordingly.
  3. Use the trendline and Moving Averages as trend indicators in markets that have a clear directional trend (up or down).
  4. Use horizontal support and resistance line for range bound markets. (You will be surprised to see how strictly markets follow these lines).
  5. In directional trend, you can take 1 or 2 positions (in as many lots as you wish) and let your profits run.
  6. In range bound markets, it is better to trade only once or twice (again, is as many lots as your trading capital allows) and exit these markets after profit booking.
  7. Range bound markets tend to be highly volatile and can easily lure day traders into overtrading and losses.

World stock markets are showing a mixed trend at this hour. US stock markets are continuing with their strong uptrend, but other markets are slowly turning range bound.

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