World Stock Markets Today: Mixed, Regional Trend

13 January 2021 (7:53 am IST)

12 January 2021 (9:23 pm EST)

World stock markets are showing a mixed, regional trend at this hour, based on local cues.

US stock markets had a tiny positive closing. US stock futures are still trading with minor gains.

But in Asia, major stock markets are trading in a mixed manner. SGX Nifty is 50 points up, indicating that Indian stock markets will have a positive opening.

How To Day Trade:

  1. World stock markets are trading mixed this week on local cues.
  2. It is a selective trend where even major indexes are trading based on the markets conditions for their component companies.
  3. For example, In US stock markets, when Nasdaq fell, Dow Jones kept sort of aloof and refused to fall with as big numbers as Nasdaq did.
  4. In the overnight session, although big tech stocks like Twitter and Amazon took another beating to close negative, other components of the tech index Nasdaq stayed positive.
  5. Therefore, day traders should focus on the index/ stock they are trading and follow the trend in that entity.
  6. If the trend is rangebound, follow horizontal support and resistance levels.
  7. If the trend is up or down (directional), follow it with the help of a trendline.
  8. Check monthly, weekly, and daily candlestick charts, which will show you the dominating trend.
  9. Follow that trend in smaller timeframes for intraday trading. Keep stop loss in all open trades.

World stock markets are trading in a mixed trend. Asian stock markets are mostly negative. US stock markets had closed slightly positive in their overnight session. US stock futures are also positive with thin margins. Indian stock markets are expected to open and trade positive.

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