World Stock Markets Today: Mixed Trend, Mostly Positive

23 September 2019 (8:34 am IST)

22 September 2019 (11:02 pm EDT)

World stock markets have opened with mixed numbers in Asia, but overall the trend looks positive as USB has expressed hope about a resolution in the US-China trade dispute.

US and European stock futures are trading higher at the time of writing. SGX Nifty has taken another jump of 160 points, indicating the previous huge rally of Indian stock markets will continue today also. In Asia, Japan markets are closed today for a local holiday. Hong Kong markets are down on their political unrest and China and Australia are trading with minor losses.
As expected, various markets are trading on their local cues but as long as US stock markets are strong, the global trend will also be supported.

Day traders should follow their local trend and trade with the technical signals withing important support and resistance levels.

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