World Stock Markets Today: Mixed Trend on Local Cues

15 June 2018 (8:21 AM IST)

14 June 2018 (10:51 PM EDT)

World stock markets are trading in a mixed trend, as we had pointed out earlier. Not only stock markets, but individual stock indexes within those markets are showing different trends.

So major U.S. indexes had  a mixed closing  in their overnight session, where Nasdaq went ahead with its current uptrend but Dow Jones closed negative and is showing signs of a strong weekly resistance, which can push this mega index down by a few hundred points in     longer term.

European stock markets had rallied big in their previous session as euro fell. Euro is still trading down but European stock futures are mixed with marginal numbers, indicating either a pause at current levels or a continuation of their previous rally.

U.S. stock futures are continuing with their mixed trading pattern, indicating that different U.S. index will continue with their individual trends.

Asian stock markets are also trading with some negative and some positive numbers. SGX Nifty is trading down in early session, indicating that last two session’s downtrend might continue in this index and broader Indian stock markets

For day traders, this means they don’t have to focus on too many things. Just follow the trend in their selected index/stock for trading and trade with its intraday trend.

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