World Stock Markets Today: Mixed Trend on Technical Cues

7 February 2019 (8:58 am IST)

6 February 2019 (10:28 pm EST)

U.S. stock markets paused in their overt session and closed wit thinly negative markets. U.S. stock futures are continuing that decline, indicating that these markets are taking a breather after a marathon rise form last year’s bottoms.

But Asian stock markets are not reflecting this pause and are mostly trading positive in early trading. SGX Nifty is slightly negative due to technical reasons hinting at a similar flat/ slightly negative opening in Indian stock markets today.

European stock futures are following the negative trend of U.S. stock futures and could continue with a choppy ad rangebound weekly trend.

Expect a mixed trend in world stock markets where local factors, earning and technical cues will dominate the intraday trend. Day traders should watch how their local markets trade and follow its trading pattern.

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