World Stock Markets Today: Negative, as Trade Worries Return

21 November 2019 ( 8:58 am IST)

20 November 2019 (10:28 pm EST)

World stock markets, especially US stock markets have been rallying on hopes of a trade deal between the US and China.

Now it seems that this trade deal will not be completed in 2019. World stock markets have turned negative as worries about tariff problems between the US and China return.

US stock market had closed negative in their overnight session. All major Asian stock markets are trading negative in their new session today. SGX Nifty is slightly down. US and European stock futures are also highly negative at this hour.

Overall, a negative trend is dominating global stock markets today. The support of a trade deal between the US and China has been taken away from world stock market, and the earlier rally is now turning into a minor downtrend.

Global stocks are still within their previous range, therefore we can say that markets are having a minor downtrend within a range. Day traders should use technical indicators and trade with this downtrend.

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