World Stock Markets Today: Negative Open, Choppy Day Trend

22 February 2018 (8:41 AM IST)

21 February 2018 (10:12 PM EST)

As you can see, world stock markets are awaited in red numbers today, exact opposite to yesterday’s positive opening.

U.S. stock markets and a very volatile overnight trading session before closing with highly negative numbers. The Fed’s meeting minutes triggered roller coaster ride of buying and seen in U.S. stocks and bond markets. U.S. stocks rallied because, obviously, traders were focused on inflation related comments while bond markets fell because traders in those markets were more intelligent and were focused on the Fed’s comments about further rate hikes, which was indicated in meetings minutes.

As a result, U.S. stock first rallied, then saw bond markets falling and understood something was wrong, and then stocks also crashed from day’s high levels to close highly negative.

Today in Asia session, U.S. stock futures started with deeply red numbers. Dow Jones futures were down nearly -200 points in early trade, spoken other stock markets as well. Asians stock markets are trading mixed, with some positive and some in neat zone. SGX Nifty is deeply negative, indicating a gap down opening in Indian stock markets today.

European and U.S. stock futures are highly negative, indicating a negative opening in these stock markets if futures do not recover later through the session.

World stock markets are expected to trade with high volatility and in a choppy manner. U.S. stock futures will dominate the intraday trend. We have seen in recent session’s that these numbers fluctuate through the session and if that happens today also, then global stocks may also show a similar choppy trading pattern.

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