World Stock Markets Today: Negative, Rangebound Trend

2 December 2020 (8:03 am IST)

1 December 2020 (9:32 pm EST)

US stock markets are trading positive and negative on alternate sessions, confirming a volatile and rangebound week, just as we had predicted previously.

World stock markets are also trading negative, following the negative numbers of US stock futures. All major Asian stock markets are trading in the red, except the South Korean markets. SGX Nifty is slightly lower, maintaining its previous up trendline intact.

How To Day Trade:

  1. The weekly trend is range bound in global stocks and the daily trend is roaming between the high and low points of the weekly candlestick.
  2. Day traders should check out the weekly support and resistance levels and trade between those.
  3. Markets will stay volatile, which is the usual characteristic of rangebound trend.

World stock markets have started this trend with mostly negative numbers. The overall trend has been rangebound since the last three weeks and this week is also following that trend.

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