World Stock Markets Today: Negative Start of the Week

13 May 2019 (8:53 am IST)

12 May 2019 (11:23 pm EDT)

As we wrote previously, the trend in world stock markets will depend on how U.S. stock futures trade. Since these futures are trading with highly negative numbers in this first session of the new week, global stock markets have also fallen.

At the time of writing, European and U.S. stock futures are highly negtiave. all major Asian stock markets are in the red and SGX Nifty is down by nearly 40 points, indicating a gap down openin in Indian stock markets today.

In world stock markets, this month’s trend is negative; last week’s trend was negative and now, this week has started with negative numbers.

So the daily, weekly, and monthly trends are negtiave for global stocks at this hour.

Day traders should base their trading strategies on these factors and should sell with the trend, as long as it remains negative.

The best trading strategy for day traders will be to wait for markets to recover, return from a resistance, then sell with the trend.

U.S. stock futures are dominating the trend in global stocks and have been highly volatile last week. So, keep watching for increased volatility and exit your positions as soon as any trend reversal signal is generated.

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