World Stock Markets Today: Negative Trend, Choppy Trading Pattern

22 May 2020 (7:39 am IST)

21 May 2020 (10:09 pm EDT)

This week, world stock markets have been trading negative and positive on alternate days, with a choppy trading pattern. Today, these markets are trading negative.

US stock markets had a negative closing in their overnight session. US stock futures are still showing weakness, dipping in the red zone.

World stock markets are taking cues from this weakness and are trading mostly negative. All major Asian stock markets are in the red at this hour. SGX Nifty is more than 30 points down, indicating a weak opening for Indian stock markets.

US and European stock futures have started increasing their losses, showing that this session will be negative.

For day trading strategies, small traders should wait for some small recovery in the downtrend, and then take a short position with the trend. As we wrote previously, this kind of sideways weekly trend is not good for taking overnight positions, only intraday, short term positions are good for trading.

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