World Stock Markets Today: Negative, Volatile Intraday Trend

18 July 2019 (8:45 am IST)

17 July 2019 (11:15 pm EDT)

US stock markets had a negative closing in their overnight session, with Dow Jones losing more than 100 points. US stock futures have not recovered from that low closing and are still trading with considerable losses in the Asia session.

European stock futures are also negative after a highly negative closing in European stock markets in their previous session.

Taking cues from these big markets, all major Asian stock markets are trading in the red in this session, confirming a negative trend in global stocks at this hour.

SGX Nifty is down by double digits, hinting at a slightly lower opening in Indian stock markets today.

Expect world stock markets to trade under pressure in this session. Markets volatility will remain high as buyers step away and profit booking comes in at current high levels.

Day traders should watch the intraday trend in their local stock markets and trade with the technical signals.

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