World Stock Markets Today: Positive Opening, Uncertain Trend

09 January 2020, (8:27 am IST)

08 January 2020, (9:56 pm EST)

US stock markets had a positive closing in their overnight session, as tensions between the US and Iran seemed to be cooling down.

World stock markets are following that positive sentiment and have started in Asia with highly positive numbers. But it is uncertain how long this trend will last because US stock futures are trading with a very thin margin and can turn negative at any time.

At this hour, all major Asian stock markets are trading with high numbers. SGX Nifty is more than a hundred points up, hinting at a higher open for Indian stock markets.

US and European stock futures are also positive, but with small margins and can turn negative later in the session.

The global trend will depend on how US stock futures trade in the session. That makes the intraday trend uncertain. Oil and gold are still trading positive which shows that investors still believe that the Middle East crisis is not over yet. This will keep world stock markets jittery and highly volatile. Day traders should watch the intraday trend carefully and be ready for any sudden trend changes.

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