World Stock Markets Today: Positive, Range bound Trend

14 February 2020 (8:46 am IST)

13 February 2020 (10:15 pm EST)

World stock markets are mostly trading positive in this session. US stock markets had closed negative in their overnight session, but US stock futures are trading highly positive in Asia session, confirming a range bound trend in these markets.

In Asia, almost all major stock markets are positive at the time of writing. Only Nikkei (Japan) is down. SGX Nifty is 30 points higher, indicating a positive open and sideways trend for Indian stock markets. European stock futures are also following the positive numbers of US stock futures.

Day traders can take advantage of today’s positive session by trading with their local trend. Remember, range bound markets trade between minor support and resistance levels, so keep these levels in mind when opening or closing your trades.


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