World Stock Markets Today: Positive Start, Choppy Session

15 March 2019 (8:46 am IST)

14 March 2019 (11:16 pm EDT)

U.S. stock markets had a mixed closing in their overnight session with a narrow trading range. But U.S. stock futures are trading with good gains in early Asia session. That has given a boost to world stock markets too.

All major Asian stock markets are trading positive in early hours. SGX Nifty is slightly higher but range bound, hinting at a similar opening for Indian stock markets. European stock futures are mixed.

This week, global stocks are in a technical trend, and that trend will continue in this last session of the week. The weekly trend-bias is positive so support levels are stronger on long term basis, but the short term trend may see choppiness near both support and resistance levels.

Day traders should focus on the local trend of their markets. For day trading, follow the short term trend between smaller support and resistance levels. These levels will be clear on 5-hours or 1-hour charts.

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