World Stock Markets Today: Positive Start, Range bound Trend

25 November 2019 ( 9:06 am IST)

24 November 2019 (10:35 pm EST)

World stock markets have started this new week with positive numbers.

At the time of writing, all major Asian stock markets are trading with green numbers. SGX Nifty is also slightly positive. US and European stock futures are trading with considerable gain, indicating that the last session’s positive trend will continue in these markets.

US stock market had closed positive in their closing session of the last week. If you look at the chart of Dow Jones, you can see three red candlesticks, then a 4th positive candle creating a new small range. Today’s higher US futures indicate that the 5th candlestick will also be positive and within the range of the last week’s high and low levels.

The overall trend is positive in world stock markets. What we are seeing is, a small sideways trading pattern where minor up and down trends will keep stock markets range bound. For day trading, use technical signals and trade within major support and resistance levels in this sideways trend.

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