World Stock Markets Today: Positive start, Range bound Trend

13 January 2020, (9:10 am IST)

12 January 2020, (10:38 pm EST)

Despite geopolitical tensions, Dow Jones touched 29,000 in its last session. What does this tell us? Ignore all those threats and bravado from leaders and focus on the technical chart which is showing no fear in world stock markets. It’s all about oil and who makes a profit from this WWE style fighting. Check the news about Saudi Aramco and how many more billions it is making.

Back to world stock markets, that have started positively in this session. All major Asian stock markets are trading with gains. Only Australian stock markets are trading in the red. US and European stock futures are also trading highly positive and Indian stock markets have opened with good gains.

Global stocks have started positive, but the trend could remain range bound within the last week’s range.

Day traders should follow their local trends and trade with the technical signals. In fact, this simple strategy is THE BEST trading strategy at all times. So, check how your local markets are trading, and trade accordingly.

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