World Stock Markets Today: Positive Start, Volatile Session

1 December 2020 (8:03 am IST)

30 November 2020 (9:33 pm EST)

US stock futures are rallying in the Asia session today. All major Asian stock markets are also trading positive. SGX Nifty is down by minor margins, showing a similar subdued opening for Indian stock markets.

If all numbers are positive, why we are doubtful that the intraday session could be volatile?  Because world stock markets are starting a new month and their trend in the previous 4 weeks has been range bound and highly volatile. Even the start of this week does not look solid in global stocks.

  1. How To Day Trade: We would advise our readers to be cautious about a trend reversal towards the lower side.
  2. If their markets start positive and continue to climb, they should follow the trend, trade in long positions, but stay alert for any change in the trend.
  3. If their markets show any weakness later in the session, they should exit long positions and wait for a set up good enough for short selling; such as “lower high”.

World stock markets are trading mixed this week, just like the previous 4 weeks. Day traders must consult the monthly, weekly, and the previous day’s charts to understand what trend in dominating their markets and trade with that trend.

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