World Stock Markets Today: Positive Wave All around

14 September 2020 (8:39 am IST)

13 September 2020 (11:06 pm EDT)

A new week has started in world stock markets with an all around positive wave.

US stock futures are trading with highly positive numbers. Futures of Dow Jones are almost 300 points up at this hour. European stock futures are also positive.

This has enthused Asian stock markets and all major markets are positive in Asia.

SGX Nifty is 33 points up, indicating a positive opening for Indian stock markets.

How To Day Trade: In the last couple of weeks, we saw a technical correction in US stock markets, which kept world stock markets volatile too.

  1. Now, green shoots are emerging in major US indexes, which indicate that time for a rebound is close for these indexes and therefore, in broader US stock markets.
  2. We have already discussed these technical signal for Nasdaq and today’s positive open shows that big traders are also paying attention to those signals and getting ready to buy.
  3. Any trend change in US stock markets will lead a similar change in global markets. US stock futures are rallying in Asia session and all other markets are following that rally.
  4. It is a clear positive trend at this time. So, Day traders should watch for buying opportunity in their local markets, if their markets are also positive.
  5. If any market is trading positive but range bound, then watch the upper and lower lines (resistance and support levels) and trade within those levels.

World stock markets have opened with highly positive numbers in this session, following early rallies in US stock futures. If these futures continue to trade high, we can expect a session-long positive trend in world stock markets.

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