World Stock Markets Today: Rally in Global Stocks

3 March, 2021 (8:35 IST)

2 March, 2021 (10:05 EST)

World stock markets are trading this week with considerable volatility, triggered by alternate positive and negative trend in US stock markets and US stock futures.

In their overnight session, US stock markets closed negative but US stock futures are trading positive in Asia session today. So, global stocks are following this positive trend and trading with green numbers.

At this hour, all major Asian stock markets are trading with gains. SGX Nifty is 86 points higher, indicating another gap up opening for Indian stock markets. US and European stock futures are rallying with healthy gains, giving support to the global rally.

How To Day Trade:

  1. Although world stock markets are trading positive, this week’s trend has been volatile and mixed.
  2. Day traders should cautiously trade  with the trend and be alert for any change in the global trend.
  3. Trade only when a trendline confirms a trend.
  4. Exit any open trade as soon as any trend reversal signal appears. And, as always, keep a stop loss in all open positions.

World stock markets are trading positive in the early trading in Asia. This trend is triggered by positive US stock futures that has been dominating the global trend. Overall, global stocks have been trading in a broad range with alternate positive and negative trends. That range is still in place and markets’ volatility levels are high.

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