World Stock markets Today: Sleepy, Slow, Rangebound Trend Continues

12 April 2019 (8:51 am IST)

11 April 2019 (11:22 pm EDT)

World stock markets are trading sleepily this week and this morning in Asia, that slow paced and the rangebound trend is continuing in this last trading session of the week.

Major Asian stock markets are mixed and SGX Nifty is down, indicating a lower opening but rangebound session for Indian stock markets.

European and U.S. stock futures are marginally positive, like previous sessions.

U.S. stock markets had another small trading range in their overnight session and closed with razor-thin, mixed margins. Such trading patterns indicate that markets are gathering strength for a bigger move which can come in any direction.

For day traders, it is wise to wait for that big move and cut down their intraday trading. The monthly range is itself very narrow near the range-resistance levels so the sentiment is more towards selling at bounces.

Day traders can focus on their local index and wait patiently for such opportunities to sell at high.

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