World Stock Markets Today: Slightly Postive Start of the Week

15 April 2019 (8:45 am IST)

14 April 2019 (11:16 pm EDT)

World stock markets have opened with slightly positive numbers in Asia. That puts the weekly trend on the higher side, although with very marginal gains.

Almost all major Asian stock markets are trading positively at the time of writing. SGX Nifty is flat, waiting for the Indian stock market to open and start their intraday trend.

European and US Stock future are mildly positive at this hour, and their intraday trend can move in any direction.

For day trading, it will be better to wait and watch how different markets trade, because major markets are still trading close to their yearly resistance levels and that can continue to create high volatility in the intraday trading pattern.

Day traders should watch the technical signals in smaller time frames for intraday trading since the global Trading range is currently quite narrow.

Support and resistance levels from one hour to 15 minutes charts will be good indicators of how the intraday trend take shaps. Watch those indicators and trade with the short term trend, which at this hour looks sideways.

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