World Stock Markets Today: Trading higher, Dow Jones Futures Surge

8 January 2018 (7:48 AM IST)

7 January 2018 (9:18 PM EST)

  • U.S. stock markets closed with big gains in previous session, how are Dow Jones futures trading today?
  • What is the intraday trend in Asian stock markets after rally in U.S. markets?
  • Has SGX Nifty gained by U.S. stocks’ jump?
  • What trend European futures are indicating for European stock markets?

U.S. stock markets had closed with big gains on Friday and today, global stocks are trading with healthy positive numbers following the same uptrend as U.S. stocks.

Dow Jones futures are surging in early Asia session and are up by nearly +75 points at the time of  writing. That too, after a +220 points’ rally in its previous session! That indicates that now, Dow Jones is in a hurry to reach 26,000, just as it had shown a hurry to reach 25,000 in previous couple of months.

Asian stock markets are also trading today with slightly green numbers. But the gains are capped as Nikkei (Japan) is closed today for yet another holiday. Hang Send has dropped after a positive start and other Asian markets are trading with mild gains. SGX Nifty is trading today with jump in numbers, nearly +45 points higher, indicating a gap up opening in Indian stock markets today.

European stock markets had had a rally last Friday with other markets and today, DA futures (Germany) are once agin showing higher numbers. However, FTSE 100 futures (U.K.) are trading just below the previous close line, in the red, so we may see either a mixed intraday trend in European stock markets, or a positive session will continue.

Day trading in stock markets can remain simple today, where day traders can focus on buying on dips as the current trend has turned up after a long sideways pattern. U.S. stocks are pulling global stocks upwards with them and it seems that today’s intraday trend may remain positive too.

Still, day trading rules dictate that traders should always watch for signs of intraday trend reversal and be ready to switch their day trading strategies.Today, these will be “how to trade an uptrend” (use Moving Averages)  and” how to trade range bound markets.” (use pivot levels).

Check how your local markets are trading, pick your best stock trading strategy  and follow the short term trend.

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