World Stock Markets Today: Trend Turns Positive, US Shutdown Ends

23 January 2018 (7:46 AM IST)

22 January 2018 (9:16 PM EST)

For day traders around the world, here is an update how world stock markets are behaving at the start of a anew session, information that can help them plan their day trading strategies.

The good news is, the U.S. government shutdown has ended. U.S. stocks rallied after this small hiccup was removed from their current uptrend.

Asian stock markets are also trading positive in their opening session and SGX Nifty is trading with +40 points’ gains in its starting session, indicating a positive opening for Indian stock markets later today.

European stock futures are U.S. stock futures are also positive at the time of writing.

Global stock markets have been in an uptrend recently, led by U.S. stock markets, and that uptrend is expected to continue in today’s intraday session.

For those small traders seeking to make a living by intraday trading, it will be a good idea to plan their trade entries and profit booking targets near intraday support and resistance levels. If you are not planning your day trading strategies in advance, then you are basically getting ready to fail in your day trading.

You can get some tips about how to day trade and how to get into day trading on our How To Day Trade page.

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