World Stock Markets Today: Trend Turns Sideways, Choppy

23 February 2018 (8:32 AM IST)

22 February 2018 (10:02 PM EST)

Wold stock markets are signaling of a sideways trend, which will continue to remain choppy and could be influenced by local cues.

U.S. stock markets closed positive in their overnight session, after a previously negative session. This indicates a range bound pattern in these trend setting markets, where major stock indexes are now trading within a broad range.

Similarly, European and Asian stock markets are also trading in a range at their current levels.

At the time of writing, all numbers are post in global stock markets. Asian stock markets are trading positive, with mixed margins. South Korea and Hong Kong markets are trading with more than 1% gains while other markets are trading with margins between 0.50- 0.70%.

SGX Nifty is also positive but with mild gains and staying strictly range bound.

U.S. and European stock futures are trading up with healthy gains at this time, but the trend in U.S. stock futures may remain volatile, thus keeping global stocks volatile too.

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