World Stock Markets Today: Under Pressure, Volatile Trend

15 August 2019

US Stock markets fell with big margins in their overnight session and closed near the last week’s lowest point on various geopolitical and economic worries.

In the Asia session, US and European stock futures had opened with healthy margins and were trading positive after the US President Trump offered to have direct talks with China’s President Xi over the Hong Kong issue.

Following those positive numbers, major Asian stock markets had opened with mixed numbers.

But in the last hour or so, US and European stock futures have turned volatile and have trimmed their gains. This indicates that bigger stock markets are still jittery. Major Asian stock markets have also turned negative. Indian stock markets are closed for their Independence day so the lower numbers in SGX Nifty do not count today.

Right now, US stock futures are maintaining their lead, but the trend is subdued. World stock markets are mostly trading on news, so any positive news can turn the tide in global stocks. With world stock markets, we’ll also have to wait for such positive news. Till that happens, expect world stock markets to trade under pressure and remain highly volatile.

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