World Stock Markets Today: Very Volatile, Subdued Trend

11 January 2019 (9:18 am IST)

10 January 2019 (10:48 pm EST)

World stock markets are showing mixed numbers in Asia in this last session of the week. U.S. stock markets once again traded with high volatility and in spite of trading with positive numbers, swung wildly between positive and negative levels.

The same volatile trend can bee expected today in global stocks. Numbers do not show the real picture of what is happening in markets but hourly charts show how the intraday trend changes at support and resistance levels. This can be a very good opportunity for day traders to book small profits, multiple times a day- IF- I repeat, if they watch markets like a hawk and trade with the changing trend for very short duration trades.

The other ways of making profitable trades in these markets is; stroll into markets 2-3 hours after the opening bell, check the trend, make one small trade, book profits and then leave markets for the day.

Day traders should watch the local trend in their stock markets. Global cues are mixed, but weak. Selling at high (at resistance levels) can be better strategy.

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