World Stock Markets Today: Volatile, Rangebound, Mixed Trend Continues

16 April 2018 (8:10 AM IST)

15 April 2018 (10:40 PM EDT)

World stock market have started this new week with mixed numbers and choppy trend, with mostly a range bound trading pattern.

Global stocks are expected to remain subdued on behind the scene geopolitical tug-of-war between two powerful political forces. Syria is the chessboard where these political games are being played. So, one power pretended of a chemical attack on Syrian citizens a few days ago ad demanded punishment for culprits. The other power pretended to attack those culprits last weekend with a few missiles and said that the task was completed.

U.S. stock futures are trading positive, indicating a range bound trading pattern in U.S. stock markets. Asian stock markets are mixed. SGX Nifty is highly negative, again confirming a range bound trading pattern in Indian stock markets too.’

Expect global stock markets to remain confused and trade with choppiness within their weekly/ monthly range.

Day traders should check what resistance or support is playing a major role in their local index and follow the short term trend within those levels.

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