World Stock Markets Today: Weak Trend Under Pressure of Geopolitical Worries

13 April 2018 (8:42 AM IST)

12 April 2018 (11:12 PM EDT)

World stock markets have opened with mixed umbers ad a choppy trend as Syria conflict takes centerstage ad puts pressure o U.S. stock markets.

Although trend-setting U.S. stock markets closed with gains, U.S.stock are trading negative in open hours, indicating a strictly range bound trading pattern in these markets.

Major Asian stock markets are trading mixed. SGX Nifty is positive but almost flat, indicating a similar opening in Indian stock markets today.

Expect global stock markets to trade with high volatility and remain within their weekly/ monthly range. U.S. stock futures will lead the trend and any sudden movement in those numbers- in any direction, can cause much choppiness in other stock markets too.

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