World Stock Markets Today: Week Starts With Mostly Negative Numbers

30 November 2020 (8:23 am IST)

29 November 2020 (9:53 pm EST)

World stock markets have started this week with mostly negative numbers.

US stock futures are down in the early Asia session, and their trend is affecting other markets too.

Of major Asian stock markets; Hong Kong, Australia, and South Korea are already negative. Japan and China are positive but with thin margins. SGX Nifty is 74 points down. However, Indian stock markets are closed to day so Indian stocks will escape today’s downtrend.

How To Day Trade:

  1. We always advise our readers to check monthly, weekly, and daily charts at the starts of a new session.
  2. Today, weekly and daily charts are showing negative candlestick so we can assume that the daily and weekly trend will be down.
  3. Day traders should seek short selling opportunities whenever the price turns down after a small recovery or reaches a known resistance level.
  4. Once a trade has been opened, day traders can let it run with the downward trendline and exit only when the price breaks this trendline on 5 or 15 minute charts.

World stock markets are following the downtrend in US stock futures. We expect this downtrend to continue through the session.

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