World Stock Markets Today: Dow Jones Indicated Rally, Global Stocks To Follow

17 October, 2021 (10:25 pm EDT)

Tough times don’t last; tough people do (and Dow Jones).

Stock Markets 🙂

Let’s talk about how Dow Jones closed the last week, then we’ll talk about how it may impact the world stock markets this week.

Dow Jones rallied more than a thousand points in the last three sessions of the previous week. On weekly charts, this mega-index made a candlestick that resembles the Halley’s Comet. A long week, rising from the low levels and closing at the highest level of the week. This is a strong ‘bottom hammer’ candlestick and indicates more gains in the forthcoming sessions.

So, today, when Dow Jones futures are slightly positive in the Asia session, I am sitting back, waiting for these numbers to rise, whether in the global session of after the opening bell in US stock markets, I don’t know. But the technical charts of Dow Jones say that this index will continues it rise this week.

If Dow Jones rises, global stock markets will continue their rally too.

Right now, most of the Asian stock markets are trading negative. US stock futures are trading mixed and SGX Nifty is slightly positive. But the overall weekly trend for world stock markets has been positive, and will stay positive this week, if Dow Jones continues its performance from the last week.

Day traders should take advantage of these positive circumstances and trade with the trend. If you follow the trend (rainbow) you will get the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the trend 🙂

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Indian Stock Markets Today: All Eyes on Nifty’s Rise, Next Target 20,000?

18 October, 2021 (7:54 am IST)

Indian stock markets will open today after a long weekend. All eyes will now be on Nifty to see if and when this index reaches the mind-boggling mark of 20,000.

Nifty had another breakout last week when it rose straight from 17,900 to 18,350.

Today, SGX Nifty is nearly 40 points up, indicating that Nifty may open near 18,400.

Indian stock markets and especially Nifty follow the growth in US stock markets and those markets had sky-rocketed in the last two sessions of the last week.

SO this week, going by the weekly charts, we are expecting more fireworks in US stock markets and following that trend, in global stock markets including the Indian stock markets.

Indian stocks have long been in an uptrend and we have been writing about this uptrend, suggesting traders to buy on dips. That trend and those suggestion we repeat for this week also. Buy on dips, don’t go against the trend and enjoy the rally in Nifty!

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US Stock Markets Today: Dow Jones Continues Rally, Eyes 36,000 Mark

15 October, 2021 (9:52 AM EDT)

Looks like the world is revolving around happiness nowadays. Indian markets are going berserk with happiness, climbing 1000 points every few weeks.

US stock markets have also decided to celebrate the “Santa Rally” a couple of months before and are rallying from their recent support levels.

Dow Jones, as we wrote previously, was showing a positive trend on monthly charts and strictly rangebound trend on weekly charts.

Now Dow Jones has changed the shape of its current weekly candlestick and it is now rising up like a bottom hammer, or what I call a “comet” candlestick with a lower wick and rising body. It is now very close to its all time level of 35,500 so obviously, we can expect it to reach 36,000.

That’s the next target of Dow Jones- 36,000!

Celebrate that. Santa is early in stock markets this year 🙂  

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World Stock Markets Today: Negative Start, Rangebound Week

12 October, 2021 (8:43 am IST)

11 October, 2021 (11:13 pm EDT)

Sorry trader friends. I was busy earning 6-figure money within a week, which made me forget even stock markets 😊

I hope we all will earn that kind of money this week from stock markets. Or from forex markets. Both these markets have been very volatile last week and have given BIG trends to day traders for taking home gold pots.

And thanks for visiting this site so much, even when nothing was being writing. I just wish all of you will also earn 6-figure profits in a week with your hard work.

Stock markets come into that category of hard work.

Here you have to control your impulses, emotions, sometimes logic, and be patient like a mountain. Just sit and watch how the markets trades, what range it is trading in, which direction it is going,  support or resistance-which level is dominating markets, then you open a trade—- and markets change all these criteria and your trade becomes wrong!

You have to control you impulses again, of kicking the market’s butt and keep trading against it.

You have to be as faithful a butler of markets as Alfred was to Bruce Wayne.

Today, the second day of this trading week, world stock markets are trading highly negative.

All major Asian stock markets are down.

SGX Nifty is 80 points down.

US stock futures are also negative with considerable margins.

All this because US stock markets closed negative in their overnight session.

Despite that, US stock markets are rangebound within a positive trend.

How’s so?

Check the monthly charts of Dow Jones. The index is making a positive candlestick that is rising from the monthly support. Now check the weekly chart of this mega index. It is making 4 very similar up and down candlesticks alternating between positive and negative trends. The candlesticks are so strictly similar except for the trend, that these look like window-bars.

That makes it a technical, rangebound trend and day traders can easily trend in any direction; from support to resistance (up) or resistance to support (down).

Check the weekly support and resistance levels of your local index and trade within those levels. Simple!

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Indian Stock Markets Today: Nifty’s New Record, Crosses 18,000!

11 October, 2021 (11:13 am IST)

Indian stock markets have been trading positive today, and the biggest news from these markets is, the NSE index Nifty 50 has crossed another mile stone of 18,000!

Nifty took a long time to cross above the record high of 16,000. We have been writing since then that Nifty’s next targets are 18,000 and 20,000.

Nifty had quickly competed its journey from 16,000 to 17,000.

Then the index hesitated a bit at 17,950.

And today, Nifty has taken out that resistance and is now trading above the new record level of 18,000.

Now, let’s wait and cheer Nifty to reach 20,000!

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World Stock Markets Today: Mixed Trend, Volatility Return

4 October, 2021 (9:04 am IST)

3 October, 2021 (11:34 pm EDT)

World stock markets have started this new week with mixed numbers in the Asia session.

US stock futures had opened with highly negative numbers  a few hours ago, but now those negative numbers seems to have recovered a bit.

SGX nifty is trading with mild gains, indicating a slightly positive opening for Indian stock markets.

In Asia, different markets are trading with different trends on local cues.

So, it looks like world stock markets are going to trade on local factors instead of having a single directional trend but the undercurrent is negative because U S stock futures are negative.

Day traders should trade cautiously and try to keep with the negative sentiment instead of trying to go bullish in a flat market.

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World Stock Markets Today: Excellent Downtrend for Day Trading!

1 October, 2021 (8:11 am IST)

30 September, 2021 (10:40 pm EDT)

World stock markets are showing an excellent downtrend for day trading.

  1. Why is the downtrend excellent?
  2. Because this is one sided, strong trend and if you are a real day trader, you would not mind whether it is an uptrend or downtrend.
  3. You will trade with the trend and earn good profits in one-directional

US stock markets again closed highly negative in their overnight session.

  1. Dow Jones lost more than 500 points once again, which is good because it’s now heading towards its next support level of 33,000.
  2. One year ago, Dow Jones was trading at 26,000 in the first week of November.
  3. Today it is trading near 34,000.
  4. That was an excellent uptrend, and now we are in a minor downtrend.
  5. US stock markets and world markets are following that minor correction by trading down.

Indian stock markets are also expected to open with highly negative numbers.

  1. SGX Nifty is showing a loss of more than 150 points, so we can expect the main Indian index Nifty 50 to open below its 20 day moving average on daily charts.
  2. That will confirm a minor correction in Nifty and Indian stock markets.
  3. As long as Nifty is trading above 16,000, it will stay in an uptrend.
  4. If Nifty falls below 16,000, it will become rangebound.

How to day trade today:

  1. It is a very old cliché of stock markets, ‘the trend is a day trader’s best friend.’ So, this downtrend is also your best friend and will bring you money if you follow it.
  2. Remember those days when markets trade sideways in intraday sessions and how frustrating it is to be unable to earn profits?
  3. Now imagine a strong downtrend in markets when it is so easy to make money. You just have to open some short positions, sit back, and relax.
  4. Markets will bring pots of gold for you.
  5. Any strong trend, whether it is a downtrend or uptrend, has only one color of rainbow for day traders; the color of greenbacks.
  6. So open short positions from a resistance level and keep trailing stop losses.
  7. This way you can maximize profits and minimize your losses.
  8. Do NOT try to go against the trend, looking for imaginary support levels.

Today is the last trading session of this week. From the next Monday, we will return to check how world stock markets trade, rangebound or negative.

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World Stock Markets Today: Mixed, Rangebound Trend

When humans shut their doors in your face, God opens the whole Universe for you.

-Stock Markets 😊

Let’s enjoy a good day in stock markets and see how to trade Dow Jones, as an example.

  1. Check the monthly chart of Dow Jones. It’s a negative capitalistic.
  2. Then check the weekly chart of Dow Jones. it’s a rangebound but negative candlestick.
  3. Now check the daily chart of Dow Jones, say in 30 minutes chart. It’s range bound.
  4. So, you have got two range bound trends and one negative candlestick.
  5. Draw support and resistance levels on monthly chart; that is this month’s high and low levels.
  6. Then draw the same levels on weekly chart.
  7. Now draw the same levels on 30 minutes charts.
  8. You have got all major support and resistance levels.
  9. You don’t have to know any other level. Dow Jones will trade between these levels.
  10. All you have to do is check the trend and trade with it.

If you trade in Indian stock markets, do the same process with Nifty:

How To Day Trade Nifty:

  1. Check monthly support and resistance levels.
  2. Check weekly support and resistance levels,
  3. and check daily support and resistance levels on 30 minute charts.
  4. Now you can trade Nifty within these levels.

This is the simplest day trading method. Leave your mind outside the stock markets, and   just enjoy the trend.

After this technical summary, let’s see the overall summary of world stock markets.

  1. We have a mixed trend in world stock markets today.
  2. In Asia major stock markets are trading on local reasons and showing a mixed trading pattern.
  3. Yesterday world stock markets had a rangebound trading pattern.
  4. Today we can expect the same rangebound pattern within this week’s trading levels or this month trading levels.
  5. US stock futures are trading positive but sideways, so the other stock markets have ignored those numbers and are trading as per their local trend.
  6. US stock market will trade between their monthly low and monthly high levels and other stock markets with will follow these trends.
  7. Asian stock markets are following their local trend.
  8. Indian stock markets are not budging from their uptrend.
  9. This is the technical summary of world stock markets. You can pick and choose your market.
  10. Check the monthly, weekly, and daily candlestick charts and trade within those levels. if you follow the trend, you will make profits.
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Indian Stock Markets Today: Low Opening, Rangebound Trend

29 September, 2021 (7:23 am IST)

Indian stock markets had a highly volatile session yesterday. Nifty had a span of 350 points from day’s high to day’s low levels.

After a drop in the first half, Nifty recovered at least 50% of its losses before the closing bell.

Today, SGX Nifty is indicating another gap down opening for Nifty, but it is expected to stay within yesterday’s trading range.

How To Day Trade Nifty:

  1. Day traders should wait for the opening hour volatility to subside.
  2. Then check what trading pattern Nifty is creating.
  3. If it drops below the previous low, then we can expect a continuation of the previous downtrend.
  4. If Nifty stays rangebound, that will indicate support and day traders should wait for its confirmation.
  5. Overall, Nifty will trade rangebound within this week or the previous month’s trading range.
  6. Nifty has been unable to reach 18,000 mark so the index is taking a pause.
  7. Once it gathers its strength again, it will go up and cross that milestone too.

Indian stock markets are expected to open down and trade rangebound. Global markets are in a rangebound trend now, within a large uptrend.  Bond and forex markets are highly volatile and that is affecting stock markets. This is much better than slow paced and sideways trending markets.

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World Stock Markets Today: Small Fry in the Big Pan (Means Small Correction)

29 September, 2021 (7:23 am IST)

28 September, 2021 (9:53 pm EDT)

So Dow Jones lost more than 500 points in its overnight session and Nasdaq lost more than 400 points.

What’s the big deal?

India’s Nifty 50 lost 100 points yesterday and today it may open with another 100 points loss.

So what?

Last year, in March 2020, Nasdaq was trading just above 6,000. Today it is above 14,000! A growth of EIGHT THOUSAND points!

Nifty has gained almost 2,000 points in just last two months!

And the mainstream media is crying wolf as soon as these indexes trim their nails!!

World stock markets have literally sky rocketed since the last year. Every index has gained a few thousand points. And look at the media headlines, one day’s drop of a few hundred points has them crying doomsday!

Nasdaq stocks will stay profitable even if it drops 5,000 points! It will still be above March 2020 levels when investors had started buying the dip!

Nifty stocks will still be profitable if this India index drops 5,000 points! We are talking about gaining thousands of points! Investors and traders are begging markets to fall so that they could join the global rally at an affordable point!

So, dear day traders, don’t go on mainstream media headlines. Relax and follow the trend to make money in stock, forex, and all other financial markets. Yes, bond yields are rallying that’s why markets are falling. Yes, central banks are going to increase rates, but they had first decreased those rates. Yes to this challenge, yes to that challenge. All part of a natural cycle of markets. Go up, then go down. One day rally like crazy, next day drop  like a stone.  SO WHAT?

(rant over 🙂 )

How To Day Trade Today:

  1. If you are getting tensed that markets are falling, go do some other work and forget markets (like I did :-)).
  2. If you are happy that markets are falling, enjoy day trading.
  3. Watch the Fibonacci levels and the RSI.
  4. When these indicators show some support, try to take small, repeat, small positive position and test the waters.
  5. If the support holds, you are in for good profits.
  6. If the support breaks, exit positive and take negative positions.
  7. Then trade with the trend with trailing stop loss. That is the best method to protect your profits.

World stock markets are trading highly negative after a big drop in the overnight session of US stock markets. These are highly volatile sessions as global stock markets touch new record highs almost every week. It is a technical correction. Check monthly charts and you will find that world stock markets are still in an INSANE uptrend! Enjoy these dips and trade with the negative trend.

At the time of writing, all major Asian stock markets are trading negative. Japan’s Nikkei is 2% down. SGX Nifty is almost 100 points down, confirming a lower opening for Indian stock markets. US stock futures are positive, but lower than their opening numbers a few hours ago.

It is a dip in a straight upward trend. Day traders should take advantage of the trend by following it and use Fibonacci levels for profit booking.



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