Indian Stock Markets Today: High Open, Range bound Trend

17 September, 2021 (8:20 am IST)

Two days ago, Indian stock markets saw Nifty breaking out of its current range, and since then, this index has been rallying without a care in the world.

Today also, SGX Nifty is trading nearly 100 points up, showing another gap up opening for Indian stock markets. But a higher opening may keep Nifty rangebound at the top.

As we had started writing about Nifty at 16,000 and 17,000 levels much before Nifty reached those levels, now we are focusing on Nifty at 20,000 mark within this years. The best returns for long term investors have come this year, especially for those who believe in SIP and those who invested when Indian stock markets had tanked in March last year.

For today’s trading, day traders should wait for the opening hour and then, buy if a dip comes in Indian stocks.

How To Day Trade Nifty Today:

  1. Nifty is expected to open near 17,700 mark.
  2. Only 300 points will separate it from the 18,000 mark.
  3. Nifty will either rally to that milestone or keep opening with big gaps to reach there.
  4. Today, a high opening may keep Nifty range bound in the initial session.
  5. Like so many session before, Nifty will be good to buy at the dip for the intraday trading in this session too.

Indian stock markets are expected to open with a big jump today. Nifty is expected to touch 17,700 mark at the open. These markets and Nifty have been on a straight uptrend, that is expect to continue. The National Stock Exchange Of India (NSE) should change its motto to “Buy on the Dip” now 🙂

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