Indian Stock Markets Today: Volatile, Waiting for GST Meeting

18 December 2019 (8:55 am IST)

Indian stock markets rallied yesterday on news reports that banks might get their bad loans back from four entities. Today, the Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will chair the GST council meeting and that can keep Indian stock markets in waiting mode with volatility.

Nifty had broken out of its range yesterday, and today, the index will have to prove that breakout was real. For Nifty, two trend possibilities exit; continue to climb higher or become range bound within the previous trading range. 

 For day trading, take help from range levels given on our Pivot Trading page. These levels are: 

Indian stock markets could remain volatile and subdued on global cues, or keep climbing up on local cues. 

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  1. Anandhi says:

    It is hard to estimate the Indian Stock Market as the fluctuations are worse in recent months. Well, it is good to take help from trading experts. However, you need to check whether they are really experts in the field. At present, there are several fake traders around the corner.

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