World Stock Market Today: Mixed, Volatile Trend

15 June, 2021 (7:59 am IST)

14 June, 2021 (10:29 pm EDT)

US stock markets had an extremely volatile overnight session. The start in these markets was highly negative. Dow Jones fell by nearly 150 points in the opening trade. Other major index also turned negative. However, by the closing bell, most of these losses were recovered. Dow Jones closed negative but the margin of loss was smaller than its opening losses. Nasdaq closed 100 points up and S&P 500 also closed positive.

This volatile and mixed pattern is being reflected in Asian stock markets where Australian index ASX 200 has jumped 1%.

SGX Nifty is flat at its range top, indicating a similar opening for Indian stock markets.

US stock futures are also flat, swinging between red and green numbers with thin margins.

How To Day Trade Today:

  1. As we suggested yesterday, when world stock markets are trading mixed, day traders should focus on their local markets and its trend.
  2. Wait for an hour after the opening bell so that enough 5-minutes, 15-minutes candlesticks are formed on the technical chart.
  3. This will give a clear idea of the intraday trend.
  4. Follow that trend with suitable trading strategy and money management techniques.

World stock markets are trading mixed and with high volatility. Such conditions require patience for day trading. Do not jump into markets immediately after the opening bel. Wait until a clear trend forms on charts, then trade by following that trend.

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