World Stock Markets Today: Mixed, Rangebound Trend

When humans shut their doors in your face, God opens the whole Universe for you.

-Stock Markets 😊

Let’s enjoy a good day in stock markets and see how to trade Dow Jones, as an example.

  1. Check the monthly chart of Dow Jones. It’s a negative capitalistic.
  2. Then check the weekly chart of Dow Jones. it’s a rangebound but negative candlestick.
  3. Now check the daily chart of Dow Jones, say in 30 minutes chart. It’s range bound.
  4. So, you have got two range bound trends and one negative candlestick.
  5. Draw support and resistance levels on monthly chart; that is this month’s high and low levels.
  6. Then draw the same levels on weekly chart.
  7. Now draw the same levels on 30 minutes charts.
  8. You have got all major support and resistance levels.
  9. You don’t have to know any other level. Dow Jones will trade between these levels.
  10. All you have to do is check the trend and trade with it.

If you trade in Indian stock markets, do the same process with Nifty:

How To Day Trade Nifty:

  1. Check monthly support and resistance levels.
  2. Check weekly support and resistance levels,
  3. and check daily support and resistance levels on 30 minute charts.
  4. Now you can trade Nifty within these levels.

This is the simplest day trading method. Leave your mind outside the stock markets, and   just enjoy the trend.

After this technical summary, let’s see the overall summary of world stock markets.

  1. We have a mixed trend in world stock markets today.
  2. In Asia major stock markets are trading on local reasons and showing a mixed trading pattern.
  3. Yesterday world stock markets had a rangebound trading pattern.
  4. Today we can expect the same rangebound pattern within this week’s trading levels or this month trading levels.
  5. US stock futures are trading positive but sideways, so the other stock markets have ignored those numbers and are trading as per their local trend.
  6. US stock market will trade between their monthly low and monthly high levels and other stock markets with will follow these trends.
  7. Asian stock markets are following their local trend.
  8. Indian stock markets are not budging from their uptrend.
  9. This is the technical summary of world stock markets. You can pick and choose your market.
  10. Check the monthly, weekly, and daily candlestick charts and trade within those levels. if you follow the trend, you will make profits.
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