World Stock Markets Today: Mixed Trend On Regional Cues

29 July, 2021 (7:22 am IST)

28 July, 2021 (9:52 pm EDT)

World stock markets are showing a mixed trend on regional cues.

US stock markets had a mixed closing in their overnight session. Dow Jones closed slightly negative but Nasdaq rallied 100 points.

In Asia too, this reversal of fortunes is being seen in Hong Kong stock markets where the main index Hang Send is up by 2% after big falls earlier this week. Other major stock markets like Japan, China, Australia, and South Korea are also trading positive.

But US stock futures are negative, although with small margins. SGX Nifty is following this negative trend and trading near its previous close. It seems that Indian stock markets will follow this pattern and open with thinly positive or negative numbers.

How To Day Trade Today:

  1. In Asia, all major stock markets are trading positive so day traders in that region can open long positions and trade with the minor positive trend.
  2. For Indian traders, SGX Nifty is not showing support so we might see a negative trend in those markets, and day traders might get a chance to trade with a negative trend in those markets.
  3. US stock futures are negative after the Federal Reserve kept its interest rates near zero.
  4. So, traders in US may see another negative day as far as Dow Jones is concerned.
  5. European stock markets follow the trend in US stock markets, so we may see a negative trend in those markets too.
  6. Follow the trend in your local markets and trade carefully.
  7. Markets will stay highly volatile and the broader trend is rangebound in world stock markets.

World stock markets are restricted by a broad range and trading rangebound for a couple of months now. This gives trades excellent chances to trade up and down even in a single session. Remember, no matter what anyone says, there is no substitute of hard work. If you want to earn money from stock markets, don’t think it is easy. Learn as much as you can and then apply that knowledge to markets. Watch markets for months without trading and learn how signals and indicators behave when the price moves. Then control your feelings and trade with a neutral attitude to trends. Only after that you’ll be able to earn profits from stock markets.

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