World Stock Markets Today: Volatile, Mixed Trend

12 May, 2021 (8:12 am IST)

11 May, 2021 (10:41 pm EDT)

World Stock Markets Trend: World stock markets seem to have become fed up with drops and crashes in US stock markets. Day before it was Nasdaq which fell with big numbers and now, in the overnight session of US stock markets, Dow Jones crashed by almost 500 points.

Yesterday, world stock markets were spooked by the fall in Nasdaq and all other markets fell too. But today, it looks like global stock markets are saying “meh” to the daily fall in US stock markets and treating it as a local problem.

Asian stock markets trading today: That is why major Asian stock markets are trading mixed. Shanghai and Hong Kong markets are trading positive.

SGX Nifty today: SGX Nifty is only 25 points lower. This indicates that Indian stock markets will also open flat or with marginal negative numbers.

US Stock Futures: US stock futures are trading highly negative at this hour. Dow Jones futures are 100 points down but that has not created any ripple or panic in world stock markets.

How To Day Trade:

  1. Different markets are showing different trend at this hour in world stock markets.
  2. Day traders should focus on the local trend and trade with that.
  3. It may be range bound, up, or down trend.
  4. Use appropriate trading strategies to tackle the dominating trend.
  5. Check weekly charts to see the weekly trend, match it with daily trend and you’ll find the dominating trend for intraday trading.
  6. Markets are highly volatile so don’t forget putting stop loss in all open trades.
  7. It will also be a better money management if you cut down on number of trades and lots in a volatile session like today.

World stock markets are trading in a mixed and volatile trend. US stock markets had closed highly negative in their overnight session but global markets have almost ignored their trading pattern and trading on their own cues.

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